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Da Street Sound is an independent music composition, production and publishing entity with roots in Western Europe and headquarters in the UK.

Creativity, as we see it, is the merging between reason and imagination, a combination of expressing one's gained awareness of life and forming the ultimate corresponding buzz. We are an international and growing alliance of several independent groupings of musicians, lyricists and producers. We compose, arrange, produce and publish material including music and lyrics in English and German for performing artists and film. The music genres we cover are Mainstream Pop, Dance, Adult Contemporary and Rock. Da Street Sound assists and helps newcoming artists who are seeking to market their songs or sign a record deal.



Da Street Sound offers music publishing and licensing services and represents a catalogue with a growing number of titles covering several genres. Next to servicing recording artists, we also supply music for film, commercials and TV.

Should you be looking to license or buy song material as a production entity or management company for artists under agreement or for those about to be signed or should you be a performing artist in need of new material, contact us for further information.

Da Street Sound assists talented songwriters in publishing their songs by forming partnerships that are based on mutual respect.

We are continuously searching for gifted songwriters in the genres Pop, Rock, Urban and Dance. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Composition - Arrangement - Mixdown - Mastering - Remix

We can arrange this for you.

From fashionable or trend-setting arrangements to authentic grooves, we can deliver the energy your productions require.


Da Street Sound assists new and exciting artists and bands who are seeking a publishing or record deal. We offer advisory and management services covering the selection and production of demo songs, press kit and promo material, bookings of live acts, contacts to the industry, and more.

We accept demo material and will listen to each song we receive. Should we find your act to be promising, we will get in touch.

Material can be submitted by email or mail. Packages will only be returned if return-postage is included.

Please note that our management services are currently on hold due to restructuring. We will update this site once this is completed.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

Dr. Seuss

S O N G S.

Here are examples of our catalogue:

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The material may not be duplicated, sold, or reproduced or transmitted without the prior permission of Da Street Sound Ltd. All rights reserved.


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